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sMp (Sex Money Power) was founded in August by a group of experienced individuals(see roster) when no one expected sucess. As a new clan sMp surprised all who doubted with a strong dedication and performance. Since its foundation the clan has undergone several difficulties, but we prevailed against those impediments. sMp is now known as -xG- (#Explicit Gamers).

If you would like to join Team Explicit Gamers, here are the following requirements:

1. For maturity and dedication's sake we prefer the individual to over 14 years old. (However we also reserve the right to make exceptions.)

2. The individual must agree to the donation policy. (please read more about the policy below)

3. The individual is preferred to be known (and liked) by the other clan members.

4. The individual must have a headset (plz note that we do have exceptions for those who are purchasing one soon)

*-xG- donation policy - Every member donates the same amount every month to support the server. You must pay in advance. This means the more members there are, the less each members needs to pay. For example if a server is 40 dollars/month, with 4 members each would need to pay $10, but if there are 8 members each needs to pay $5 instead. We adopt this policy because the server is shared by every member, therefore every member should contribute. The meaning behind SHARED is: you get admin and ranks. We feel like it is pointless to be in a clan if you cannot have some control and authority in your own server, and so if you are in, you get admin. Level of admin each member receives will differ by ranks.

To Contact -xG-:

Post in our forums or send an e-mail to either:
Ecstacy^ -
[X]treme -

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clan sMp, established since August, 2005, Changed name to Explicit Gamers in 2006.