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-xG- Team Explicit Gamers

#explicitgamers roster

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Ranks: L=Leader, U=Underboss, S=Soldier, R=Recruit

L.-xG- Ecstacy^ - Pasu Wong - founding member - Leader

U.-xG- [X]treme - Derick Vizcarra - founding member
U.-xG- Scruffei - Kenneth Law - founding member

S.-xG- Frosty - Alan Luu
S.-xG- Brae The Bear - Braeden Davidson
S.-xG- 408 XD - Scott Espartero
S.-xG- YeS - Andrew Kim
S.-xG- PubertyLess - Chris Kim

*Member names and ranks are subject to change.

clan sMp, established since August, 2005, Changed name to Explicit Gamers in 2006.